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     Installation of a driveway for access to a Township road will require completing an Application; a Driveway Permit; and upon proper driveway completion, receiving the required Highway Occupancy Permit.

     For Township roads, the Township Officials must inspect each access; establish elevation, approve any proposed work, and inspect and approve any installation.

     A Diagram is included with these guidelines to further illustrate specific details of the required design.

     Applications may be obtained at the Township building, either in person or by mail at the address at the top of this page, or can be downloaded and printed from the Permit Applications page on this website. Submitted applications consist of the completed application form, with the required information and appropriate fee.

     Mark your proposed driveway location (flagging, stake, etc.) at each end of the pipe. This marking must be accomplished before any initial inspection by the Township.

     When the driveway access is complete, the property owner must request a final inspection from the Township. If the access meets all requirements of the permit, then the Township will issue a Highway Occupancy Permit. If the access is not installed correctly, the owner and/or contractor will be provided specific instruction on the deficiencies so that they may be corrected.

     The property owner is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the driveway access connection. All future repairs (potholes, additional gravel, drainage problems, replacement of pipes, or washouts) are the responsibility of the owner and must be taken care of by the owner.

  1. Driveway drainage pipe must be PennDot approved plastic (preferred) or corrugated metal. The minimum diameter is 15".

  2. Driveways should not be located below the crest of a hill or in blind curves. A clear sight distance must be maintained in both directions. Sight distance is 120 feet. If, at the discretion of the Township Supervisors and Roadmaster, a variance is granted, property owners will be required to post and maintain a PennDot approved "Hidden Driveway" sign at the landowners expense.

  3. Driveways shall not be constructed near road intersections. The minimum distance from an intersection is 60 feet.

  4. Poured or placed concrete and concrete cylinders, cement blocks, railroad ties, large rocks and the like objects are not permitted to be used as erosion control, placed at the ends of driveway pipes or otherwise placed within the Township road right of way. These obstructions are a hazard to motorists. For erosion control the only acceptable methods is PennDot specified R-4 Rip-Rap stone or smaller.

  5. If a driveway leaves the roadway at a steep upward angle, provisions must be made to keep storm water runoff from the driveway from flooding the roadway, causing ice during freezing conditions or erosion. Driveway standars diagram is included with these guidelines.

  6. Concrete driveways are not allowed in the right-of-way. For gravel roads, the concrete or asphalt driveway must stop at the right-of-way line. If the Township road is paved (not tar and chip) then the driveway's asphalt made be made to connect to the road asphalt using a "Mill and Notch" technique with edge scaling. For concrete driveway, that part of the driveway in the right-of-way that extends to the asphalt paved roadway must be asplalt.

  7. A driveway is not allowed to be located within 10 feet of a catch basin or other drainage structure unless the drainage structure is redesigned and included in the driveway entrance.

  8. All work shall be in accordance with PennDot Publication 408, Specifications; Publication 35, Approved Construction Materials; and Publication 72, Roadway Construction Standards, unless otherwise noted in the permit.

  9. Any previous or prior permits issued under the original Harford Township Ordinance #13 or issued as required for a subdivision will be reviewed on an individual basis and installations must follow the updated Ordinance and Installation Guidelines.